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thanks for the guys who believed...and for 12:16pm who does not, you are exactly the person I am referring to....don't know the real world, head stuck in sand like ostrich, i dont need to lie, cheat to anon chat, plenty of people at work i can do that to...

btw, before you attack my grammar, i speak 6 languages inc french and german, paid tax in 4 countries, and can write a legal contract in half the time u do and three times better. just trying to be friendly and speak local talk talk..

anyway, just saying age 20s, 30s people, if it is money you want, you can find big bucks..or you can demand big bucks...if you are good.

but money is not everything...i give charity a lot, 4, 5 figures, have a lovely girl and home life, cook great food, go to movies, take the mrt, eat at kfc etc. do what you do and generally try help the world. i find sg people very into dollar...i think you have truly found life when u realise good life is not just about $$$, but happiness. i am very happy...not bcos i am comfy with my dollar, but bcos i feel i have achieved something and still achieving.

i have skills, which helps...i can make 5k a day playing poker ripping off noobie chinese tourists, so sometimes i do wonder why i am working...but bcos it keeps me busy and my brain active...and we all need a 'normal' job...wear a suit tie etc.

yes luck does have a part to play...people who joined goldmans etc, got paid out 700k one year, i mean 22 yr old grad, common, what the hell do they know about biz? but you got to look at what they did to get there.

i got lucky age 26...walked into US dotcom boom...didn't do anything much, but got paid 250k and thats USD. think omg, but then the guy next door age 29 prob got 500k. my luckiest break...i bought a website for 100 bucks, age 21 and sold it to NY brandname for 50k a year later...wrote all my own contract, hire own escrow, couldve got 100k really.... 12:16pm do you have this skill n foresight?

anyway SG local pay is pretty bad, and as i said, people accept it as a fact. locals get 2k, 3k, foreigners get 10, 20k...what i see between local/angmo isnt' much difference ...just born and educated in da wrong place...

so be happy, keep looking, keep asking...i met a guy today, no degree, did NS, army for few years, age 33 and today, he sold his private jet for $8m...prob not 100% legit but hey, how did he get there? lots of luck, lots of sweat, lots of balls.... you know how when u get there...

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