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sorry, last comment was re 1.6m response...

the thing is singaporeans been brainwashed into accepting low income 2k, 3k a month etc. cos govt so good, build good roads, schools, hospitals etc. but ministers earn $2m...

firstly, dont start your 1st job 25, lmao, by that time i was heading for VP.... first job was 21 in europe, about 60k, headhunted at 23 for 90k, promoted to VP at 26, 130k+50kbonus, then a few good years at 250k-300k (dotcom boom), took a lifestyle break (50% paycut, 200% life back) headhunted again 400k+ a few years there.

spend like crazy, yachts, parties, $500 wine, cars etc, and had to pay 30-40% tax, but still stockpile some good cash, got some dosh from buy/sell 1 bed flat, and stocks, not much, never got real lucky, but now heading to 2m cash age 36. i remember i had zero dollar age 22.5, paid off all debt and had to defer my credit card bill by 2 weeks to wait for wage, but after that, it just grew... made all my own money...

key to get rich/comfy is not to save and be frugal, but spend the time making money, investing, analysing...for the same time you save 1 dollar, i'd have made 5 dollar. just look at the top 5 biggest expense you have, and forget the're not going to get rich deciding whether to take a bus or a taxi... you need to spend money to make money...
Highly plausible.

I graduated when i was 25 from SMU.

First job paid me 60k pa. Hopped and second job paid me 90k pa. Hopped and third job paid me 120k pa. Hopped and 4th job paid me 180k pa.

Now my fifth job pays me about 250k pa.

And I'm only 27 now. Headhunter just called me and a foreign bank is asking me to lead their team with a 450k pa package.
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