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I resigned back in 2011. Have worked for them for 6 years after the 1 year stint in NIE and half a year of contract teaching. Given up 8 years of my life for them. I was given both leadership roles (oh, wow, Zzzzz...) and mentorship roles (probably what I enjoy much more) and have the fullest support from my HOD to my P. When I left, I have my HOD, 2 or my VPs and my Ps talking to me and persuading me to stay. Hope this is a good indication that I'm not those teachers who are not doing well and has been wanting or ask to leave.

Here is my opinion...

Unless you are a scholar, ex-student of the school or you don't intend to have a family, you will probably not going to go far in MOE. They can promise you tons of leadership roles, but ultimately, unless you TRULY believe in what you are doing benefit students and the community and not that you are just wayang-ing, you should probably get out if you want to have more career advancement, earn more, have more work-life balance and be equally contented in your career.

I came out and have been teaching at a tuition centre. Focus is different, have different types of stress but equally happy (if not, happier).

I earn 50-70% more annually, even much more with the connect plan that you have to slog for years to get it. I have almost double the free time with my family and myself. I got myself a real estate licence which I am doing as part-time. I earned an additional few thousandS per month and I get to know more people, talk about stuff other than lesson plans, students' performance, and how to coordinate and run events which I add in my yearly work review. In summary, networking in a real sense that add worth to myself.

Do I miss teaching in MOE? Maybe. It's something that I haven't look back as yet.
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