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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
your current pay isn't very bad. have you considered moving up in your company or getting a bigger role in another company?

personally i would consider the following factors i were to go back to school full-time:

- current pay. is it good? will i get more if i get more paper qualifications.

- current industry. is it a sunset industry. what are the upsides? will getting additional qualification help in this current industry.

- hopping to a different industry. is this a lucrative industry? is the new degree going to help me get into the new industry?

most real-life examples i have come across are people taking financial-related degree courses in a bid to get into the lucrative banking and finance sector. some are successful, some aren't. your mileage may vary, of course.

Thanks for the advise.... , actually there are bigger roles I could aim for but it doesn't really make much sense to me , from what i see , I might grow till about 7K-8K per month where i have little transferable skills (soft skills specially) work long hours under a lot of competition & cheap labour in the market for engineering.

My current industry is the semicon industry , its not really a sunshine industry. Wave after wave of cost-cutting going on.

My idea of doing this masters is to get into the fields of finance or at least into business development , operations kind of role where i will build transferable skills across the board , where I will have a lot of options open in the future when compared to a niche engineering role where most people are paid low.

my concern is how low would i have to start and what kind of a salary range to expect after graduation considering I'm a purely engineering guy with a new masters in operations management ?? (forgetting for a moment the masters in engineering management )

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