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Hi All ,

I'm an electronics engineer by profession with around 8 years of work experience. My take home pay is around 6K plus per month. Recently I got two offers from a Leading university in asia to study Master of global operations & Engineering Management full time. The course costs respectively (tuition only) are $34K & $20K. My main idea of taking masters is for a career change into becoming more of an analyst ,business development or operations management (manufacturing for example) kind of role. I'm now in a dilemma as to which course to choose & which would be a more financially feasible option considering it's a career change & will I need to take a big pay cut as a post graduate... Any advice is much appreciated.
your current pay isn't very bad. have you considered moving up in your company or getting a bigger role in another company?

personally i would consider the following factors i were to go back to school full-time:

- current pay. is it good? will i get more if i get more paper qualifications.

- current industry. is it a sunset industry. what are the upsides? will getting additional qualification help in this current industry.

- hopping to a different industry. is this a lucrative industry? is the new degree going to help me get into the new industry?

most real-life examples i have come across are people taking financial-related degree courses in a bid to get into the lucrative banking and finance sector. some are successful, some aren't. your mileage may vary, of course.

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