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Originally Posted by Cron View Post
Hi all, anyone heard or have been in this program? would appreciate if I could receive some inputs on the career path, starting salary and benefits.
Make sure u find out what they actually do. It may jus be a fanciful title for insurance agent. I recently got contacted by one of the insurance company's agency offering such management associate position. Tell me i can be a manager within one or 2 years time... but from the call, i caught many red flags.

1. I applied to the insurnace company for some corporate position (intern) but I dont rmb applying for the management program.
2. the position is full time, but im lookin for internship.
3. I am an undergraduate, n yet he is more interested whether i have diploma or A'lvl and whether im above 21.
4. All of the above information (except age, but being year3 undergrad, how young can i be?) could be found on my resume, which means he did not bother to look at my resume or dun even have my resume.

These inusrance company agency like to use fanciful titles to lure undergrad in. so be very careful.

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