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My advice is relevant to those who just started work as well as to millionaires and billionaires. If you womanize, sodomize, you will be in big trouble in your relationship and finances. If you are engaged in gambling, no matter how rich you are, if you continue, your wealth will eventually be wiped off. Smoking and drinking will harm your body, remember health is wealth.

I do agree with you that we should despise those who are retired and spend their time wastefully, engaging in sinful activities like back biting, gambling, drinking, womanising, sodomising, etc. But for those who has retired from professional work and spend their time on charity work, we should celebrate them for their noble deeds. Charities nowadays are lacking of good professionals as volunteers.

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Your "advise" or "secrets" don't really apply to the many millionaires here. Many are not qualified to buy BTO flats by the time they got married because of their high incomes. Also many are too busy earning big bucks to spend their time on those frivolous vices you mentioned below. And how many people are really gay?

Taking public transport is fine, but try telling it to a family with young kids, elderly parents and who earns a few hundred $K a year. It is actually more cost effective to have a car when you frequently ferry your family members around.

What is important is to work hard, earn, save and invest, and to live a meaningful and useful life for yourself and society. Do not fall for the excuse that lazy people use - to live simply and therefore no need to work hard or worse, don't work at all.

I find the underprivileged derived more help from generous people who are successful in life than those who are not.

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