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Originally Posted by Joys View Post
Thanks for giving me some dierection.

Yup, i do have recurrent.. that's a source of passive income..

however i face the challenge of having to maintain that motivation to face rejection from prospects... in order to earn an income and keep current income..

also, at my age, i'm looking forward to something that my peers has..

that's career prospects and stablity... as well as a better social standing...

it's very disappointing that till now..

at gatherings...even when i didnt mention anything abt insurance...there will be pple telling me that they've bought insurance from ABC..etc..

afterall, I'm also a local U grad too...
I am a Business Development Director but I seldom reveal my position at gatherings unless people ask for it.

I am drawing 12K excluding commissions and others but I think i am reasonably paid for my age - I am 28 years old.

I have friends who are 30 to 33 years and they are taking back 15 to 20K monthly.
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