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Rejection in a corporate sale environment is not really the problem but it is the long evaluation process that you need to go through before you can clinch a deal, and not forgetting about the red tapes, change of company's "direction", standard 3 quotations practice, and plenty of entertainment.

I have been on the client's end before, and typically I've received plenty of proposals, and most of them are just being piled up or KIV. And yes we do received plenty of "goodies" to build "relationship".

In my personal opinion, Sales will always be the best position as during good times or bad times, you will always be the revenue center, and not a cost center. Unless you have been drawing regular income and just being mediocre in your sales performance.

I believe strongly that i should be in control of the income I should be earning via my own sheer responsibility and hardwork. If I'm lazy, then I deserved a lesser pay, likewise, my income should not be leveled if I'm putting in my effort and delivering results.

Believe in yourself and look at the client base you have built over the years. People do not buy solely due to a great or cheaper product. People buy because you've earned their trust in you. You have made a difference in their life.

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sales position will be very suitable. technical sales to be accurate. with engineering qualification and sales experience, most of the technical & services company would prefer it. 0 engineering skill = lower starting salary, good sales experience = potential skill to conclude deal.

but usually as a technical sales, the rejection issue is minimized. I am a tech sales, people around yet to reject me. because as tech sales, is building up the relationship ( between supplier & end user) is the priority task, which you are not trying to make profit from the client you correspond with, but from the company that he's from ; unless he is the boss of the company.

people generates new & future profit to a company (execution / sales & marketing position)always has higher value compare people who are supporting the group.
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