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I have been working in a bank for 20 years. Cluster head. But retrenched recently. Pay was about 48k per year, 4.3k pm. A poly offered me an admin position for 6k pm. I am a degree holder.

They also indicated that they are looking to appoint me as a section head in 2 years time if I do well. They added that my duties are is perform over the counter duties and performing mailing duties.

I always thought joining poly is to take a pay cut as this thread suggest. Any catch how come I am paid much more than the banks? And also how come functional role like mail duties, customer service; mail boy get paid 6k?

By the way, I have another friend who was my junior in the bank and went to join the poly recently, he worked there for about a year and is now a Section Head, he has not upgraded and is still holding a Diploma in Financial Studies. Does that I mean I will be the same grade/ pay scale as my friend if I were to be appointed as a Section head?

Would appreciate some clarificaton. Thank you!
They can promise you the moon...until you get's not easy to get section head (in some poly, they are brand as assistant manager), unless there is vacancy.

Also, having only a diploma and becoming a section head after a year...never heard off...either your friend is ********ing you or you are ********ing.

You need to have at least a relevant basic degree with enough relevant industrial experience to get into a either your interview technique is damn solid, or the poly is damn desperate to get this position filled up, given what you said about your experience.

We are damn careful on once hired its damn difficult to remove the staff,if its a wrong choice...请神容易,送神难。

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