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We will never know the true postings from the big cannons. Each one seems logical and unbelievable at the same time. But I do enjoy reading them just the same. If the postings were untrue it just goes to show what people are dreaming of. If true, it shows what people are earning and already enjoying.

Again this site: Benchmark Your Household Income 2013 | - Your Salary in Singapore has some reference for comparison. Accuracy not verified, but it claimed to derive the database from IRAS.

According to the Department of Statistics, Singapore has slightly over 3 million resident workers. And from the website, 10% of them make an average of $30k pm.

10% of 3 million workers is 300,000 people! That means 300,000 people here are walking around with $30k income per month!

20% of them earn $15k pm or 600,000 people earn that amount.

We also read in the newspapers people buying multiple properties here and investing in properties overseas, consistent with some of the postings here. So, yes, I tend to believe there is some truths in the postings here, but not the full truths. For eg, a guy may have 2 properties and 2 cars, but his claim that he has no more loans may not be true.

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why do I get the feeling a lot are ********ting here...
Inflated numbers, overblown egos...
And no, I am not a sour grape...I am fairly comfortable myself, but certainly not as dua-kang as some clowns here.

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