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Can i ask if this applies to Information Systems (SMU/NUS)?

From my understanding, IS seems to be in their own world compared to CE/CS. How do Singaporeans fare in jobs catered for IS?

Employment surveys noted a high average salary for IS fresh graduates (3.4k for NUS). Have heard of stories that many IS graduates end up doing two-year contract jobs for the rest of their life. Again, I can't confirm, and wish that someone in that field can answer my queries.
from my personal exp and looking at my friends, i say the IS buzz is dying (dead very soon) and the demand is much much lower than the 100% employment few years back. firstly, IS curriculum hardly prepares you for the working hard if you just go thru motion.

for most IT entry roles, they demand good technical knowledge which most (or rather average) IS students lack of. IS students, it seems to me, are trained for mid-level IT roles (IT manager, proj mgt, IT consultant, etc), which is pretty dumb as these roles require you to have years of IT exp. except for IT consultants, which only a handful of top students can have a go at it. for those who can and dont mind doing coding, they can easily find a job as software developer, but how long they will last nobody knows. for the rest, majority will work as system analyst/IT executive. these are in fact general entry-level titles, it's just all the saikang passed down from the seniors. it's really luck as some companies u will learn a lot of stuff, while at others, you just do mundane work everyday.

in short, avoid IS if you've not taken a step into it. the job market is too saturated now. the demand u read in the news years ago is gone. the glamorous fat cheque IT jobs are already filled years ago by the pioneer students. IS degree is becoming as useful as life science degree..

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