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I may share some light on some of your burning thoughts.

There is a high turn over rate for CMs, reason varies among those who have left.

It is not an 8-5 job, there are events and meetings that you have to attend/organise.

If you enjoy meeting/working with many people from all walks of life, ok with irregular hours, etc, do join. But i assure you, you will have many days that you wish you could have spent it with your loved ones instead, especially the weekends, or nights, where you could have been out with your friends who have ended work. Time will surely be sacrificed.

Many people say that the bonuses in the gov sector is great, but frankly, it depends.

You have to see your grading, economy, etc. of course you will get AWS aka 13 month, it is entitled to you. If you are asking for an average, it can be from 1-2 months. Also, depending on your grade. If you have like a A grade, it can be up to 3 months, but they will not give it 1 shot to you. 1 portion of it will be given later part in the year.

If you wish to last long in PA, you must have the passion to serve the residents and patience when dealing with all kinds of people. If you're just looking for "fast cash", high chance you will burn out.

Hope this helps!
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