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Question Relocation Pay Package?

Made it to second round interview with a manufacturing company.

They have not asked my current salary nor what I'm expecting.

I did not expect to pass and now I do not know what to expect if the issue of salary is brought up.

It would be quite easy for me to give an expected salary cos I know roughly how much I'm worth here. But the position is for a job permanently stationed in Dongguan (Guangdong, China).

I've only ever been on business trips that were at most 1.5 months long and I was compensating quite well. What kinda package will be the norm if I were to be relocated to Dongguan?

1. company to pay "social benefits" (Chinese tax) automatically? (as in, I do not need to worry about the sum nor the admin)
2. company to pay Chinese individual income tax automatically?
3. other relocation benefits? Typically what does this entail?
4. basic salary should be higher than a position not requiring relocation?

Please help.

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