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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Not really. What is your definition of management anyway? Just having a business card title that says manager?
About the program
Graduate engineers will rotate across ABB‘s businesses and divisions, during the 18-month program, spending six months in each. You will gain exposure to a variety of activities that can range from marketing and business development, to on-site testing, commissioning or project management. Graduates will also get the opportunity to talk to current and past members of the program, as well as employees and business managers who ensure a smooth transition into ABB.

I was looking at the job description and it seems to me that it is kinda a prestigious program unlike those that marketed ordinary executive position by inflating the title i.e. "management trainee" etc. My understanding of the genuine graduate programs are those that require individuals to undergo a stringent selection process such as psychometric, group discussion, panel interview etc. Being in the program also means that one will undergo a fast tracked program (definitely based on performance), for instance, ppl take 8 years to reach senior position and those in the program perhaps 3-5 years (just an example). Eventually these people have better chance of rising to perhaps middle management like manager etc.

If bro/sis saying not really meaning? I'll assume that it is just like an orientation period for you to choose which department you like to enter and the rest will be similar to any fresh entries?
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