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Don't let the smoke, smoke you. You have to do your own leg work. Like if you are going to do freelance job, first thing first, check your finance sheet. How you and family going to live on, how long it can last you? How high is your financial Quotient? Are you a discipline person? What are your market? Most of the time your warm market that is your direct family, relatives and friends may not be at the right time, right place to buy or sell, you may have to do other form of marketing, are you prepared to do them? Read up books to prepare yourself. A suggestion is you may start co-broking or be a referral before doing it full time. Talk to your family, get their understanding and support. There are many ways to make money work for you, Heard about this author Robert kiyosaki, RicH Dad Poor dad, try to read this to get your mind thinking... Don't rush into things and regret it.......
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