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Originally Posted by GuY View Post
What the press says is just reporting on what they find. It maybe misleading. Frankly speaking, anything/everything in the world is normal (Gaussian) distributed and not uniform distributed. Out the 30,000, how many really moved to the top. Anything you do, 70% is on hardwork, 30% on luck. I'm not an angent, just a normal engineer. I have a director friend whom just got a new agent under him. She, the new agent closed a deal on a condo on her first day with her auntie. Well i consider this luck and not professional.... lolz.

Everyone has different goals and aim in life. It doesn't depend on how much you earn. Its more on how satisfied are you in life. The guy can earn 30k/month but spend 35k/month, considering someone with earns 1.2k/month but saves 600/month. Who's richer?

My fren tell me to quit my engineer job and join him, but i didn't. As a Singaporean, a fixed income job is essential in order to have a basic life-style. First of all, i can't risk a month without income due to family commitments.

Financial planning is very important for todays Urbanization. Invest part of your wages into low-risk/med-risk funds or stocks. In long-run u'll see the fruits.

An engineer can't earn big bucks, but he/she won't starve to death. One option i can see on myself is that, i work for money -> make money work for me.

I just hope those articles and those posts don't make others do rush decisions in being REA.
Greediness and ambitious are just separated by a line.
Sometimes i make jokes at some of the engineers for their low pay long hours and they just give me this sad look and have their head down. I pity them, they just look so pathetic to me.

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