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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I also don't really understand. I travel a fair bit too. Had a few vices for about a year. Own 10k+ camera gear and indulge in expensive tailored clothes once in a while. Started work at 25 and somewhat having just about the same "savings" as you with lower income. You sure you not spending too much beyond your means?

Age 28 single.

Cash in Hand: ~16k
Liquid Assets: ~10k forex, ~7k shares
CPF Ordinary only: ~29k
Monthly gross salary: ~3.6k

No debts, no installment, no house, no car, no GF
good question.........although i did travel quite alot due to my backpacking at least once per quarter...(US, Europe, Australia, APAC, u named it, i've probably been to it)

another reason is maybe i paid quite abit for my insurance and to my mum as allowance per month (as much as 1/3 of my current salary)

p.s. Don't worry about your salary...I was earning the same as you when I was 28-ish..

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