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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My advise to you will be to finish your degree first, before you apply to public sector again. It'll be easier to enter MX scheme with a degree (even if its not from the 3 local uni) than without. Btw, why do you want to work in a Ministry? Bearing in mind that even if you're hired under MX scheme, your career progression will be very slow simply because of your academic credentials.

I would guess that you're a lady from your nick. Are you perhaps married and thinking of starting a family?
Thanks for sharing!

Understand that the career progression under MX scheme will be slow. But i do know some exceptionally cases. My concern here is if i was to be placed under a MSO scheme, the ceiling will be lower than MX scheme.

However, i think my question here is whether it is possible for a Diploma qualified person to be placed under MX scheme. And if you know any Stat board or Ministries with this exception.

ps: Yes, just applied for flat, needed some work-life balance and family planning... life..

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