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According to "Mr Wang", who hosts his very popular blog in Blogger (blogspot), making money from blogging is tough:

Mr Wang Says So: Thanks For Reading!

Originally Posted by Husky View Post
One of my friend suggested to me that since I have quite a lot of free time at work, I could consider putting my sense of humour to work for money instead of using them to suan customers all the time.

Do you guys/gals think it's a viable option?


I know the income from blogging comes from advertisments which will only come in after you managed to show that your blog is widely read. But don't the hosts of the blogs like etc own the blog? How does one actually make money from it?


I am thinking along the line of books like "The Dilbert Principle" or a weekly column in a local newspaper. I can't really draw so comic strips are out.

All feedback/info are welcome. Thanks

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