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Originally Posted by Dean View Post
CEP is everything. What you should aim for is a CEP upgrade as often as you can. Promotion will come with it (though not necessarily together).

What you can do is for appraisal every year is to get either 1 of:
1. Regrade / upgrade / promotion
2. CEP upgrade

This is of course dependent on many factors internal (to yourself) and external:
a. your performance

a. opportunities given to you.
b. department quotas for promotion / CEP upgrades
c. the presence of competition from peers at the similar stage of career

Of course, you must first have the performance to back up whatever demands and aspirations that you may have...
Well CEP is not everything if you don't get promoted :P

Promotion is still the one that determines your salary etc at the end of the day. All CEP does is say this is your potential; Whether you reach it or how fast you reach it is variable. I will take something permanent (promotion) over something variable (CEP) any day.
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