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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Well.. 1st thing, im not a fresh diploma holder.. I've had 8 years of working experience in the manufacturing industry. Im in my early 30's.. My basic is not even 2.5k and the increments really sucks.. so I dun know why people say private sector is better than public sector when it comes to money matters.. so at my age, with my experienced if I were to cross over to the public sector, would it be wise choice?
Previously used to think that private sector is good irregardless of salary, career progression, and etc. I'm starting to see for myself what you have described. It is not all that true for private sector to offer better career progression, but won't discount the possibility if you are really good. I have seen many ppl slogged for many years yet salary still below average and hardly see any encouraging increment. Sector wise, I think perhaps finance, oil gas, FMCG, and logistics are the few that could still offer good salary and career progression. Manufacturing are not as generous in my opinion especially semicon and electronics. Just my 2 cents.

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