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Default ST Electronics

Once worked for them long time ago as a fresh grad, then left after several months. Have since worked on 2 other jobs for several years with other companies.

Recently applied for an opening and received a call from its HR. But only offering a contract position, with possible conversion option in future, not perm position. Reason given by HR was that I am considered a returning ex-employee, and HR policy forbids granting immediate perm position for an ex-employee, even with suitable industry experience.

Wondering if the so-called HR policy for returning ex-staff is real or is the HR trying to bluff me when it can't offer me a better deal. Anyone knows if such a thing exists in HR or just a bluff?

I feel that I should be hired based on my merits and suitability for current position. If I'm suitable for the position that HR is willing to call me up for interview, yet still want to penalize me for having worked for them before? Really sending mixed signals about wanting to hire me.

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