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Gimme a break
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All I can say is that these Singaporeans are repeating the same mistakes their "seniors" made in the previous decade. See my comments on the Seaons Park condo case study:
If you must buy a place to stay, I suggest you buy HDB or a cheap (and likely old) condo.

If you want to invest, buy stocks not property. Most people buy on leverage and it's likely that interest rates will not stay low forever, putting pressure on yields and hence prices. This will be made worse if income levels do not go up in line with mortgage installments, which is very likely.

Stocks are different. People usually don't buy with leverage. In my view, stocks are much less risky.

Property is a big bet, a very risky bet. You do it wrongly, you may get stuck for a long time. Conversely, if you luck out and got it right, you may be rewarded with returns of hundreds percent. But are you sure you can luck out?
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