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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
anymore help / suggestion?
What are your goals ?

Seriously dude, you think people here in the forum will seriously help u to get rich ? I think most here are too bored at work.. come here to play or make outlandish claims only...

If u really want to be rich, you have done the right thing about reading up.
Now go meet REAL PEOPLE that are successful by your standards .. and ask them those questions where you have said you have doubts on.

But for your benefit, i will share one tip.
My tip is : THERE IS NO SURE PROOF FORMULA to get rich.
If anyone sells u this, it is pure BS ... There are always risk involved but just your view if the risk are unlikely to appear during the tenor of your investment or they are going to blow full swing. No one knows but it is a view.

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