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Originally Posted by adbie View Post
Hi Husky, I just realized a missing word in my previous post. I had wanted to ask you "Is it easy to copy your boss' business".

Have you assessed what you would need in order to replicate their success?

Incidentally, I have a close friend whose dad also owns a vitamin/supplement distribution. He also started by working for others and then set up his own business in his late forties. Their business is perhaps at a smaller scale compared to your boss. But they are already quite rich by my standards (if I'm as wealthy as them, I'd be very happy) - your boss must be even more wealthy!
Hmm... To answer your question I have to break down his business into individual units.

1) Retail

Easy to copy as I mention in another post, it's tough cos of limited bargaining power with suppliers compared to retail chains

2) Export

Impossible. Most of his clients are his long time friends. I don't have that kind of contacts

3) Distribution

Okay. It appears to me, the baby boomer market is very willing to spend on health supplements. I am on the lookout for healthcare products to bring in. Also looking into opening a small marketing company to distribute new products.

If you are curious, I think the company turnover is about 3mil a year. Not too bad.

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