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Just another kacham puteh setup by young punks, thousands of such agents in SG.

I suspect most of the available jobs put up on the site are fakes that are put up to harvest CVs. A few red flags very obvious to industrial indsiders:

1) There is no mention of any details of their clients at all (not even industry, foreign or local, listed or not listed, revenue/headcount/countries), just a bunch of generic JD copied and pasted from other job portals.

2) Way too many fields for a setup that only has 3-4 people. Many of the jobs are quite senior some more and not contract admin jobs, no way so little people can handle so many different industries.

Customer Service
IT- Sales
IT- Infrastructure
IT - System/ Software
IT- Security/ Risk/ Compliance
IT- Network
Finance/ Accounts
Human Resource
Project Management
Learning and Development
Public Relations
IT- Testing
IT - Presales

3) A google on their office 105 Cecil Street #11-00 The Octagon lists at least 3 other companies with the same registered address. This mean above poster is correct to say they don't even have a proper office, probably renting cubicles with many other small setups in the same floor.

4) Tried to call their line 6822 8762 to ask some queries on one of their manager job posting. The background was like wet market cannot even hear what the consultant was trying to say. The girl (sound very young just finish poly type) don't seem to know anything about the job and just keep asking me to register an account with them and upload my CV.
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