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Originally Posted by Unimpressed View Post
Is it this co at the octagon building? Their website is Lumiere Search

I applied for job with them before then their agent say until very nice over the phone and then ask me go down for interview at their office in the octagon building. Ended up the agent late turn up by 25 minutes so I wait outside door like an idiot. Never even bother to say sorry to me when arrive! Go in then discovered the office is actually a shared office, those pay 1000 a month rent a cubicle type.

The agent act like father just died super attitude during the so called interview. I asked the agent how many people in the co the agent say less than 4 including 2 of them are bosses. Keep telling me my expected pay is too high when I previously double confirmed on the phone that my expected pay is within their hiring budget. If I knew i wouldnt have wasted my time go down liao. Then after the interview never call or email back after that. At least have the professionalism to call or email me the results right?

Lumiere search is really the worst recruitment company I have encountered. My advice is to stay far far away from them.
Sorry but i have to agree with this post.

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