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Default exxonmobil ops tech interview

they ask u to wait for email in 2-3 weeks? haha..I dun think so..HR will call u if u are shortlisted for second interview in a few days..and if u passed, u will be invited for a pre medical checkup..all candidates who went for the interview last week or 2 weeks before should be informed by now according to my friend who works there for 4 years..but they will also mail or email u a rejection letter no matter what according to my friend..anyways, I got a new job le...all da best to all bros who r looking forward to a successful career at Exxonmobil..shift work is very tiring according to my exp..especially if u r hold back awhile during passdown..and pivoting from morning shift to night shift is tough..gotta make sure u buy some ear plugs after going back from night shift..I rmb a day when my neighbour actually got repairing works in his home after my night shift, I was having a hard time sleeping due to the noise and not having adequate sleep before going back for luck to all! work hard and play harder!

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