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Originally Posted by Husky View Post
That's why I always tell young people to choose a course they like not one which they Ggahmen would like them to choose.

Many years back, the push to go into life sciences was initiated by the Gahmen who wanted to show everyone we have enough "qualified test tube washers" to be a life science hub. I pity those who jumped onto the bandwagon.
Most young people in Singapore usually do not know what they want. They wait for their parents, teachers and even the government to advise them on what they should do. That is why we have whole generations (different generations though) of civil engineers, semicon engineers, IT people, and now life scientists.

For those who knew what they wanted, they may now be enjoying a better quality of "career satisfaction", but not necessarily a better quality of life (read: insufficient income).

In this capitalistic and materialistic society, money (and thus income) is of utmost importance. Once you embark on a wrong career, it's hard to maneuver out of it.

Ideally, students (if they are independent enough) should research wisely and strike a balance between income and self-satisfaction. Don't be a mime artist in Singapore if you know you can't make a comfortable living out of it. Another example: if I had known about the income of IT consultants in MNCs, I would have shaped my career path toward getting into such a role.

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