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Originally Posted by Rhys View Post
Hi im 3mth before 31 with only 40k in OA and 11k in SA. 15k cash. At this rate, I dun think I can survive in SG... Im currently in logistic field with non relevant diploma. Any advise for me to upgrade my salary?

Lost Sheep
How many years of working exp u have? Anyway it depends who u are comparing with. If you compared to higher earners of coz u feel like a loser, if you compared to low earners of coz you feel like a winner.

At the end of the day, dont need to compare. You want compare sure compare against yourself ie set a goal eg by what age u want to earn what amount and from there see whether u have the capability or skillset to achieve it

Like what the others had say early start investin early be it properties, annualties, stocks, bonds etc coz time is on your side now. Btw u married? If not why u worry so much? Wait till u get married then u come post here and tell me whether what you have is sufficient or not hahaha
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