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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
To be very frank, a sociology degree is always deemed as a 2nd tier degree where people with not so good results go to.

My brother graduated from nus business with a 2nd upper is still looking for a job. The job market is not that rosy like the nice picture painted. You are not going to be well look upon with you sociology degree. Tell me, what kind of advantage you have over business students who have spent 3 years in a related course?

Don't tell me about creative thinking and stuff, can talk no use. In interview nowadays, show me the evidence and not tell me you can think critically. Furthermore, many of these business students are very competitive and the environment in sociology is imply no good. Doesn't make you hungry and fight for achievements.

It is just my advice to you get out of Sociology if you wanna do business. Sales is done, you eloquent will do. Sell properly insurance etc.
Yea. I totally agree. Now the market is not like last time whereby a general degree can get you a decent job. Good companies are looking for ppl either with experience or those holding relevant degree + good results. I would say NUS biz is not as good as those from NTU and SMU, however, it is definitely better than some technical and all humanities degrees. To describe the job market nowadays, fresh grads with good and relevant degrees are finding it hard to secure a job in private companies. Have few friends from SMU with awesome results still looking around for jobs. I would say many who initially wanted a career in private sector are now looking to apply for positions in the public sector due to desperation.
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