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Very true, that's why it is best you retire in 3rd world country using rent from HDB flat. Your $3k per month is enough to retire in Thailand and even in some parts of Malaysia. Rent a cheap house or condo and the rest of money for food and fun. The strong Singapore dollar is a blessing. $3k is worth about RM7k, you can rent a small condo in Malaysia for RM2k and spend RM5k for food and other things.

The next best is to invest in a condo while you're still young and by the time you retire you own two properties, one to stay in and one for passive income. There are many people who bought properties in the early 90's now own two fully paid condos. They retire happily. We should follow the steps of these people, don't gamble in casinos or stocks or some other scams. Property is the safest asset to own.

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Everything comes with a price ah. People make use of their parents to take care of their children when their parents are still well and healthy. Once their children grow up and their parents grow old, weak and sick, they want to kick them out. After that when the parents die already, all the children go to court and fight over the parents' flat. Sometimes they start the fight over the flat even when the parents are still alive! Disgraceful.

So to save yourself this problem, be independent from your children. Help to take care of your grandchildren if you want, but dont have to go and stay with them. When the grandchildren grow up, they want their own space, and that's when your own children start to show you black face every day.

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