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Originally Posted by darialim View Post
Hi, my definition of work life balance is the employer and employee being able to give and take when necessary. For example, I don't mind working office hours, but when there's an urgent family matter, I can take time off to settle it and choose to replace the lost working hours via working from home etc.

It's about being more flexible, employer placing priority on quality of work and productivity than looking strictly at hours clocked, and employee being able to manage his time according to situation, and having flexibility to do work other than stated times, and flexibility to attend to urgent family matters without feeling the stigma of being blacklisted.

Whichever kind of work life balance you subscribe to, it's about finding the supportive employer that respects the circumstances of whichever life stage you are at and accommodates to a reasonable degree the working arrangement you prefer.

But this sounds too good to be true for most people.
What I could say is that many companies despite having pledged that they promote work life balance, but in actual fact, none of them really materialize it. Just watched the news reporting that there is an increase from 1000 to 5600 companies pledging to promote work life balance and to me it is absolute crap. Most employers are only interested in two things when they hire; cheap and willingness to work long hours.
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