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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
actually to put the discussion into perspective, it is the type of job you are in that determines what salary you are getting now.

The risk, the knowledge involved and the career lifespan, I would say are the 3 key factors.

Risk - if the job is risky, say working in the refinery, there will be a premium in the salary associated with this.

Knowledge involved - if the job requires an intrinsic knowledge that you possess, there again is another premium tagged to your salary

Career lifespan - if this job only lasts 10 years, take for example a footballer, there has to have a premium to encourage someone to take this career path.

Not sure if everyone agrees?
I am sure this is the general rule...

But I totally do not agree for the electronics engineering sector.

"if the job requires an intrinsic knowledge that you possess" :
you are most likely NOT going to get a premium because, if you know that knowledge you probably duno many others, your boss knows no one/very few will hire you for that specific knowledge and your pay will be crapped.

"Career lifespan - if this job only lasts 10 years, " : Coding skills are skills that have an expiry date, but yet coders are paid peanuts. A 40years old programmer with 20years coding in BASIC is no better than an ITE student when it comes to coding java.

Consider all factors and make your choice wisely...
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