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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
1. Should be okay, but that's alot of work compared to doing a pure accountancy degree straight.

2. Investment banking hires mostly from the ivies + those with connections + with the handful of top local grads. For normal RMs, SMU should be okay. For overseas, definitely NUS name > SMU.

3. Singapore is a financial hub. Plenty of tax related jobs here.

4. Not enough lawyers at current in Singapore. However, with SMU and the loosening of requirements for foreign educated lawyers, may not be in the case in 4-5 years time. The problem with lawyers in UK/US/OZ is that there are too many of them being wannabes and studying at shitty law schools when law is inherently an elitist profession. Those who go to the top law schools have no problems finding jobs.

5. Work-life balance in law and accountancy generally sucks. But all high paying jobs generally have shitty WLB.

6. Civil Service and real estate consultancy/management, pretty much.

7. Do accountancy. The market is far bigger and the subject is easier to study than law, which is notoriously a pain in the ass and requires strong language skills.
Thanks a lot for your reply, it really helped me with my thoughts is it right to say that law schools in uk are generally better than those in Australia? What if I choose to attend second tier law schools like Manchester or sheffield? Would that be ok for employment in Singapore? It's like when you practice would anyone really go about checking your credentials, other than when a firm wants to hire you?
In your opinion, is uni melb accounting good? Thanks so much!
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