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Hi all,
I have just completed my A levels and I am thinking of either studying business, law, accounting or real estate. My grades weren't fantastic and I believe i can only study business (smu) and real estate(nus) locally.
Hence, if i were to pursue a law degree, i would have to undertake a foundation year at bellerby's college and then proceed to do a law degree. As for accounting, it would be bachelor of commerce at uni melb.

I have a few questions and i hope you guys can enlighten me.
1. If i were to do a business degree in SMU, and would like to be an accountant in the future, would a SMU business degree + ACCA suffice? Or would i be at a disadvantage compared to the accountancy students?
2. Would a SMU degree be adequate if I would like to go into investment banking or be a relationship manager? Or would further studies be required? what if i would like to work overseas? would a SMU degree be well recognised? I understand that the market for relationship managers may be saturated in the future as seen from the upward trend.
3. I am interested in tax so perhaps if i do accountancy, i would choose to work in the tax field later. Or if i do law, I'd probably choose corporate law, specifically tax law, or real estate. What are the career prospects for such specialisations in Singapore?
4. How is the employment rate for such degrees in Singapore like? Whenever i google ' law employment rate singapore', i never fail to come across articles mentioning the poor law employment rates in countries around the world.
5. Can anyone suggest which offers the work life balance too? I wouldn't mind working OT, but not to the extent whereby i work 7 days a week and not be able to see light (as heard of from others)
6. If i choose to do a real estate degree at NUS what prospects would it hold? I know i can still work in the bank, but i dont come across jobs in that particular field and i would like a better idea if anyone in this field could advice me.
7. If i have to choose from law and finance related study, which one should i pick? To be honest, I am interested to know about the pay as I would like to lead a comfortable lifestyle. Assuming i would not be the top few outliers in the respective degree, which one pays more, or which one provides more work life balance?
8. What do you all suggest i read to see which career would suit me the most? I have been reading some introductory accounting books and i find it ok, not as dry as i expected it to be. Wrt law, I have been reading up on cases on singapore law watch and I find it ok as well. Are these accurate representations of what one would face in a degree?

Thank you for your comments and advice, i really appreciate them
1. Should be okay, but that's alot of work compared to doing a pure accountancy degree straight.

2. Investment banking hires mostly from the ivies + those with connections + with the handful of top local grads. For normal RMs, SMU should be okay. For overseas, definitely NUS name > SMU.

3. Singapore is a financial hub. Plenty of tax related jobs here.

4. Not enough lawyers at current in Singapore. However, with SMU and the loosening of requirements for foreign educated lawyers, may not be in the case in 4-5 years time. The problem with lawyers in UK/US/OZ is that there are too many of them being wannabes and studying at shitty law schools when law is inherently an elitist profession. Those who go to the top law schools have no problems finding jobs.

5. Work-life balance in law and accountancy generally sucks. But all high paying jobs generally have shitty WLB.

6. Civil Service and real estate consultancy/management, pretty much.

7. Do accountancy. The market is far bigger and the subject is easier to study than law, which is notoriously a pain in the ass and requires strong language skills.
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