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Default Patent attorney trainee

I don't have top grades nor top brains.

Barely made it out of NTU alive with B.Eng EEE.

After nearly 3 years since graduation, annual salary nearly hit 50k before I changed job (seeking worklife balance) and now only make ~45k. I still run projects but the manufacturing line is so dead that I am looking at a career change. I rather exercise my brain and toil while I still have some youth in me...

Considering joining a law firm as patent executive / patent attorney trainee. Signing up for GCIP and going to challenge the 4 QE exams. It will be another 3 years before I can get certified.

Wondering if I can hit 150k by late 30s... Anyone done this route and willing to share the more "confidential" side of their experience? From my research, I see a number (not many) of engineer turned patent attorneys who have made partner in some law firm.

This path will hopefully keep me in touch with some of the technical stuff in engineering that I still like, let me write (which I enjoy quite a fair bit) and do something meaningful (meet clients etc instead of designing circuits all day everyday).

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