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true, seriously if you are intending to go into banking operations, you might as well try out in the civil service as the pay is comparable. Only if you have a shot in front office or middle office will your salary and career prospects escalate faster than if you are in civil service as the experience you have gained in those fields would be much more valuable in later years. Other than that, just use treat bank ops jobs as a 'job' not a 'career', as a means to accumalate some money to buy a car or hdb, after that try to move on and establish a career somewhere else.
bank ops > civil service.

ops people make good salary too, and contrary to what you said, there are career paths within ops.

on the other hand CS is a dead end unless you're a scholar -- dead because it's impossible to hop from CS to private sector once you're in. dunno why, but the people in private sector simply don't like to hire ex-CS.
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