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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I wonder if the people here really worked in RR before..

checked their annual financial result, free cash flow, all this just stated in the plain yahoo finance.. then you will know how well the company doing..

I think there is a myth in this forum, people think that mega MNC give super high pay and super high bonus...

I worked in 3 MEGA MEGA MNC (100,000 employees ++) before... they are VERY cautious about cost because economy is NOT doing well.. especially you are in consumer electronic then VERY GOOD LUCK.. tell me apart from intel and apple which consumer electronic company is earning money? Philips? HP? or..Siemen?

HOW ON EARTH you expect company to pay you well if every years is a cost cutting year???

I know alot of GLC ppl here in this forum.. i think you guys get more than us.. but culture wise i think MNC better, more work life balance and more emphasis on SOBC
Where got company free cash flow got to do with individual pay? Look at all the banks, so many losses still paying top bonuses.

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