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Originally Posted by bladez87 View Post
All this time I thought private companies are offering higher pay compared to gov/public sector, however after working in a SME for 3 years and asking around, I begin to wonder how true that is.

Can anyone shed some light? After 3 years in my job, my pay is still lower than some uniformed group starting pay. If gov sector can provide 10% increment every year, it will still outgrow being in a private sector unless one can climb very fast.

Am I right?
The earning curve is different b/w gov & pte sector lar. Rule of thumb, if you are mediocre, join gov, if you think you have what it takes to be a high flier, go pte.

For farmers gov usually pay higher from start to mid 30s, after that pte will catch up. For high fliers by age 40, pte can pay 3-4x gov pay. The super max a gov farmer can go by retirement is MX9 ~15k, roughly equal to a mid-low level mgr pay in MNC.

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