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Default DBS Bank career advancement, starting from entry

Hi, I noticed that most of the threads are talking about bank graudate position, associate position and above. However, what I would like to know is the advancement starting from Entry position in DBS. I heard that there is grading in each level, such as Bank Executive a,b,c,d. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

(Once again, correct me if I'm wrong) The advancement structure as the following (shall stop at director):

Bank Executive -> Analyst -> Associate -> AVP -> VP -> SVP -> Director

1) What is the estimated time to advance to next position for FO as well as BO, assume that one's performance is good?
2) What are the grades in each position, assuming there is such grading?
3) What is the salary to be expected at each position?
4) What is the norm for the annual increment, assuming the one's performance is good?

Hope you guys are willing to share such information! No sarcasm please, as this is for the sake of sharing only. Thank you!

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