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Originally Posted by mrgeek View Post
Hi guys, i'm currently 17, studying in singapore polytechnic under accountancy course. I realize that it would be difficult for me to get into the rat race to fight for local uni slots and i wish to plan ahead of me for the next 10years. Please feel free to comment

route 1 : poly -> ns -> work part time/ private uni part time -> work

route 2 : poly -> ns -> private uni full time -> work

I choose the route of private uni because i understand my capability and that i'm more to the soft skill instead of mugging. I don't wish to study so hard in poly for 3 years and ended up not being able to qualify to local university.
The sad fact is that if you don't even try mugging,
you will never end up in a local university.

About 10% of poly grads make it to local university,
and if you end up there, there is more mugging,
if you want a good degree classification.

In the work place, no boss like lazy employees;
that's why, most prefer foreigners
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