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Disagree, iíve interned at both. went on to take PO at big4 and stayed for 5 years. mid tier is not structured. methodlogy is not consistent, itís very dependent on the manager/partner. clients not as big or complex. at big 4 if you are good and you show you want to take on more they will definitely give you more interesting and challenging stuff (we are already short staffed so thereís more incentive to do this actually). but of course if you have proven to be the 9-5 guy, just wanna do your own work allocation. then the experience will be just as described as above.

donít forget that in the grand scheme of things no matter how you paint the picture big4 audit quality is also better (although itís at all time low now), the quality of your learning is also improved.

many times what i observe is intern just wanna get their internship done and dusted. experience is entirely up to you.
Nonsense. Singapore listed co only 1% only. With total cos of 400k plus in singapore. Most b4 job is also transferred to mjd tier. U day dreaming.
As usual high and mighty with no fact.
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