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Default Toxic politics?

Is it true that as someone who was foreign educated (left after O levels), I will be regarded as someone who CMI in SG, hence pursued education overseas?

Is it also true that I may have a target on my back if I decide to return, as those currently in power will view me as potential competition in the small SG pond?

I am ABMS board certified, my medical school is recognized in the 2nd schedule. I am fairly published in my field (>30 first author publications in American and European journals), write textbook chapters in my specialty's reference books (think Harrison's), and regularly invited as a speaker/KOL at national conferences.

I am fully prepared to work as a conditional AC for a year or two before I can be fully registered if I decide to return to SG. However, I am a bit hesitant after speaking with a couple of SG docs who have left SG, as they warned me about moving to SG for the above reasons.

Thanks in advance.
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