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Hi i joined a ministry as fresh grad under mx scheme. 4 years into the job i'm MX11 earning around $5.2k. Am i progessing slow in my career (in terms of promotion and salary)? Understand nowadays fresh grads already getting upper $4k which is quite near my current pay. Can't help but compare and feel demoralised.... Should i jump to stat board for higher pay?

Would also like to know which stat boards tend to pay higher if possible.
4 years and already MX11. You are fast already! Don't compare fresh grads joining private firms and got that salary range. Ask those fresh grads without experience join CS (except those technology, info comm, cybersecurity etc) naturally they all command a comparable pay with the private. If you don't have a specific skills set to command a higher pay, generalist aka MX usually starts 3500 and above.... for fresh grads.....

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