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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
you were a pte banker for 10 years & quote an expected salary that is only 10% below last drawn for a MAS BD job!?!?!?

either you are one super poorly paid pte banker or your CV is already in the rubbish bin. you will need at least 50% reduction to be pay competitive, that is assuming you are applying for a AD job.
Not totally impossible.

Since he is a team leader in the FO of a foreign bank & 10 years work experience, his last job is maybe a higher end VP. Without bonus basic salary should be 12k - 15k in the market.

He mention reduce asking pay by 10%, so that will be 11k - 13.5k, that is roughly the range of a Director in MAS like a small department head, so still possible.

But chances are quite low since he doesn't have a branded degree or prestigious MBA, besides it is very rare for MAS to hire early 30s people into Director level.
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