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Originally Posted by Soul View Post
Hi [email protected],

Thanks for your reply

1) My last role was a team lead role in retail banking serving the high net worth client space (e.g. for example within the portfolio, we managed AUM ranging from from 200k to 10m). Generally the duties would include sales and advisory of investments, business development efforts for client acquisition, training, AML oversight, KYC and ensuring regulatory compliance of documentation.

2) Applied for role in Business Development under Financial Sector Development

3) by the looks of the car and landed property, I'm quite certain my friend who works at MAS isn't in a junior role maybe different departments have a different pay scale or grade? However that isn't my rationale for wanting to join MAS.
Hmm... seems like you were a priority / private banker previously. Not sure what exactly is your motivation for joining MAS, but I'm fairly certain they will not be able to come close to matching your remuneration, so I hope you are prepared for some serious pay cut.

I can see some skill portability in terms of experience, but am not very sure MAS exact requirement for this job, so I would say there's a decent chance although my personal opinion is they are a little apprehensive over people from foreign banks. They are also quite into the nature of your degree, so your chances will be better if it's the 3 local U or the Tier 1 U in Australia & it is Finance related.

I don't want to speculate on how your friend finances his car & property, but I am fairly certain AD is a junior position in MAS, this is applied uniformly throughout all departments. Many departments don't even have managerial grade, it's Associate straight to AD. The high potentials would have already reached AD in their late 20s.

In fact based on your experience you should also be applying for an AD level position as well. If you have applied for something below like Manager / Associate, they are likely to scrutinize and probe you on your over qualifications and your motivation to take a paycut & job downgrading.
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