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Originally Posted by Soul View Post
Hi, any one can offer advice about getting in to MAS as a mid career professional?

Profile early 30's about ten years working
Degree (honours 2nd upper)
Mainly sales background in banking

Cons: been moving jobs around 2 years but generally above average performer.

I understand the process can take a few months?

Generally the JD advertised doesn't say too much and they ask for 1-3 years experience min required.

I put a friend as referral who's an AD.. But I doubt that helps.
You need to be more specific about your exp, can't tell much if you just say 10 years sales exp & mid career. At least let us know what jobs & seniority level you are on for the past few years.

Also what job did you apply for in MAS?

As for your AD friend referral (I assume he is from MAS or other stat board?), better not put it. AD is just a fancy title for an assistant / entry level manager & it looks kind of silly putting someone who is probably more junior then you as a referral.

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