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Found out that I was not going to be emplaced when my 2 years contract is due.
Sincerely looking for advice on what I should do.

When I first joined this ministry 2 years ago, I was told that officers would be emplaced (usually) after 2 years of contract. However, I was now told that I cannot be emplaced due to some HR policy and cap. So I was over another 2 years of contract.
I also recently found out from other colleagues that there wonít be any renewal after 4 years of contract so that means if Iím not emplaced after this round of contract, I can say goodbye to this ministry - I have since confirmed this with the HR and itís true.

Feeling really bummed about it as I really wanted to do this as my career.

I still have a large ongoing project that I would love to see it to completion but also wondering about my career development and in a dilemma on whether I should stay on and hope to get emplace after this 2 year renewed contract or just leave this year and find other opportunities.

There are multiple push and pull factors, I love my job and what Iím doing but Iím also stuck with a very bad boss that doesnít care about growing the staff.
But I also feel bad for leaving with the project still incomplete.

Appreciate any helpful advice on what I should do pls!

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